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    Why Wright Tool Wright Tool is a company making a difference in the tool ...

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    Why Wright Tool

    Wright Tool is a company making a difference in the tool industry because we
    do things differently here. It's what sets us apart from other tool

    Many of the unique design features developed by Wright
    Tool have been imitated by others and are now accepted as industry standards.
    But only Wright Tool has the patents and the engineering talent that helped
    revolutionize the way ratchets, sockets and wrenches are designed and


    Order fill rate of 98%
    We back up our
    distributor partners with a large factory stock and the fastest, most reliable
    shipment record in the industry—98% shipped complete in less than 36 hours. We
    can do this because we are a small company that is big enough to handle the job.
    Our smaller size enables us to move more quickly and give more personalized
    attention to every customer's order.

    Quick Delivery on
    Special Tools

    Special tools are our specialty. We can turn them
    quickly in small or large quantities.


    The Patented Wright Drive® 12-Pt. Design
    just a modification, but an entirely new tool design. The Wright Drive 12-point
    design distributes contact stress evenly over a larger contact area and away
    from the fastener corners. The result is ten times more socket-to-fastener
    contact area than conventional sockets. This design also increases leverage
    while decreasing rounding and distortion of fasteners. Patented

    The Patented Wright Drive® 6-Pt.

    Ideal for impact sockets. Wright combines the benefits
    of our exclusive 12-point design (greater strength, more torque and reduced
    rounding of corners) with the better gripping action of a 6-point opening. The
    result is a better grip on undersized fasteners and fasteners with badly rounded
    corners. Patented #5,284,073.


    The Wright Spline is the next step beyond Wright Drive.
    Wright Spline is the highest strength wrench for high strength fasteners and is
    good for ordinary hex and 12-pt. fasteners

    WRIGHTGrip—the innovative
    design on our open-end combination wrenches—delivers more torque while
    increasing tool life and strength.


    Engineering Innovations and Improvements
    engineers are continually improving existing tool designs and introducing
    innovative new tools. We use state-of-the-art CAD/CAM technologies to lead the
    way in our industry. Even our computer programs are written in-house.

    Hot-Forge Process
    Wright Tool uses four
    different hot-forging processes. All tools are forged using tough 4140 alloy
    steel. Hot-forging gives our products excellent grain flow for higher toughness,
    longer wear and better reliability than cold-formed tools.

    Higher Strength
    Our design, engineering,
    hot-forging and choice of steel give our tools greater strength in close

    Value-Added Secondary Operations
    tool-making to heat-treating to plating, Wright offers one-source control to
    assure the highest possible quality.

    Made Entirely in the U.S.A.
    From the design and
    engineering to the forging and finishing, all work on Wright tools is performed
    in the United States by skilled American workers. We do not use foreign blanks
    or forgings. Even the steel we use is American-made.


    Wider Variety of Products
    Wright offers a
    complete line of superior-quality hand tools including ratchets, sockets,
    wrenches, and attachments for the industrial, contractor, and MRO

    Unique Ratchet Features

    • Higher strength through superior design
    • Greater toughness
    • Works in close quarters
    • Double-pawl design for more reliability and fine action with large teeth
    • Balls instead of plungers for longer wear
    • Contour, nitrile, ergonomic grips for easier use with less fatigue
    • Easy cleaning without losing parts

    Double-Pawl Design on 3/8" and 1/2" Ratchets
    ratchets have twice the number of positions with no increase in the number of
    teeth. The greater strength and smoother ratcheting action works better in tight
    places. Double-pawl ratchets retain all of the long-wearing characteristics of
    the single-pawl design. Precision manufacturing provides greater strength and
    longer life.

    Special Small Ratchets
    Wright manufactures
    small-sized ratchets for specialized applications such as hard-to-reach

    Heavy-Duty Sockets
    Designed for heavy-use,
    long-term service, Wright sockets are second to none.

    Superior-Quality Wrenches
    Outstanding in design,
    quality, and selection. Available in either full polish or satin finish.

    Tools for High-Strength Bolting
    Wright offers a
    full line of bolting tools, including torque wrenches, stronger sockets and
    ratchets, and sturdy combination wrenches.


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