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    Express, is a privately held company which was incorporated in Cairo in 1997.-There are currently two business segments which provide Mining projects. Import and supply services to regional, national, and international clients.


    Express Supply, Inc. is a full-service, oilfield supply company with warehouses and stores strategically located to serve the oil and gas industry in all phases, from drilling and production through transportation.


    Since 1997, Express Supply has grown from a single store and warehouse located in Al Abour City, to a diversified Oilfield Supply & Service company with multiple outlets in Cairo, Alex and Matrouh. From here, Maadi �Cairo has successfully expanded its cliental base to include the International Market, servicing customers in Egypt, Sudan and Syria .through our main office in Maadi and New Jersey USA Follow us on Face Book


    With headquarters in Maadi - Cairo, the company operates a 4500 square foot warehouse at Maadi and storage yard 50,000 square foot at Helwan- Cairo, manufacturing and service facility located on an extensive industrial site. The company is structured to provide clients with products and services designed to meet very specific individual requirements.


    Location: Maadi is the largest borough in the State of Cairo, covering over 50 square miles. It is located on the south of Cairo. Maadi approximately has all the oil field companies , Since we are one of the biggest supplier for oil companies we was invest at same area all of our facility.


    Also serve the area. Numerous courier companies including, DHL, Federal Express and United Parcel Service (UPS) provide daily pick up and delivery service to our facility.


    Express is your ONE STOP full service supplier for most of manufactured goods, specializing in sales to oil field customers. We will enable you to outsource your purchasing processes so you can focus on your most critical areas. We assess your current operations, and then we develop customized solutions for your business. We know that product quality and reliability are important to you. Our business is customer service and supply driven.


    Entire needs can be supplied from a single source with a multilingual staff. We distribute a complete line of United States and Europe manufactured equipment and supplies. With a purchasing partner for all products, staff time is free to focus on core business goals. Saving time saves money and reserves employee brainpower for more strategic activities.


    Also We understand that Cross-Cultural negotiations are made more difficult by problems of communication. We strive to understand and learn the style, culture, and intent of our business partners to deal with culturally based differences.


    If you want:

    1- A supplier who keeps its promises
    2- A supplier to whom you can talk
    3- A supplier who replies to your questions and emails promptly
    4- a supplier who delivers product on schedule


    If you have been surfing from local purchasing processes and the Internet looking for someone to help you find your needs - you need surf no more - We can help!


    Contact Express for import & engineering supply. We know how to maintain and even extend the
    competitive advantage you need.


    Express is your ONE STOP Supplier for US and Europe Products

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